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The Obama Deception - Clip: The True Agendas of the Obama Administration
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This video clip mentions many of the true agendas of the Obama administration, including deploying 20,000 military troops on the streets of America, drastically reducing the gun rights of the American people, putting restrictions on first amendment free speech rights, expanding the Department of Defense budget for ramping up military involvement around the world, accelerating the creation of the North American Union, and bringing the United States under the regulatory control of a private offshore superbank through enacting economic legislation which exploits fears of global warming, among many other issues.

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Following is a written transcript:

— The social engineers are well aware that that Obama craze will wear off quickly, so they are racing to put in place the most aggressive police control grid in human history.

20,000 Battle hardened regular army troops are now being deployed to patrol the streets of the United States. FEMA is now building giant camps in every region of the country. And the Congress has introduced bills like the National Emergency Centers Act— HR 645 which merges local governments and the police under federal control.

Gerald Clente, trends forecaster: ”And as we all know as we watch these things, they are ready for the riots with these detention centers that are being opened up around the country with state police training for riot control in the event of economic calamity and food riots. They know what is going on, and they are prepared for it. So people should also prepare for it themselves. Anyone who is not prepared for what is going to happen, they deserve what they get, because there is enough information out there pointing to the problem. They should take all precautionary action.

Next, Obama ordered the defense department to issue DOD directive 1404.10, establishing a one million person civilian army under his control.

Simultaneously Obama launched, the new website deceptively masquerades as a Federal Agency, but in reality is a recruiting tool building a completely separate private army outside of Government that takes orders directly from Obama's controllers.

Barack Obama has refused to rescind Presidential Directive #51, signed by George W. Bush. The directive plainly states the President is a dictator, and Congress is ceremonial.

President Obama and his Chief of Staff Raum Emanuel have repeatedly stated on the record that all Americans below the age of 64 will be forcibly conscripted into federal service.

Webster Tarpley: ”If you have a demagogue with a fanatical mass movement— a personality cultist, who is imposing the program of a group of extreme bankers and finance oligarchs— that's fascism.

Obama's transition site,, proclaimed that middle school and high school students would be forced to serve the federal government.

Webster Tarpley: ”Fascism is 'gutter up', 'streets up', hooligans, thugs, fervently idealistic students, swarming adolescence— just the kind of thing you see around Obama. The way you get a population to enslave itself, when the police and army are no longer enough to do that, so I think if you are a 'left liberal', it is time to open your eyes to that.

All young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 will be conscripted into a paramilitary domestic security force. If Obama has his way, adults and seniors will also be forced into other forms of service, for the 'betterment of the homeland.'

— Disarming the American people. Obama operatives in the Congress have introduced more than ten bills that would end the second amendment as we know it.

H.R. 1022 would allow the new Attorney General Eric Holder dictatorial power to ban any gun he wishes at will. In 2008 before the Supreme Court, the D.C. Gun ban case District of Columbia vs. Heller, Holder argued for the complete disarmament of the American People, and that only the military should own firearms.

H.R. 257 would ban all youth shooting sports, including YMCA and youth Olympic shooting clubs.

H.R. 45 would order all gun owners to undergo federal psychological screening, registration and testing to keep their firearms.

White House Chief of Staff Raum Emanuel has proposed the extra judicial banning of any American on the fraudulent no-fly list from owning any firearm.

Over 25,000 Americans are added each month to the no-fly list which numbers over a million people who have not been charged or convicted of any crime.

— Massive restrictions on the first amendment guarantee of free speech.

The President, Congress, and the FCC have announced plans to not only curtail speech on talk radio and newspapers, but also regulate speech on the internet through the Orwellian named 'fairness doctrine.'

The Obama machine is also pressuring Congress to pass draconian hate speech laws that will eviscerate the first amendment.

— They plan to further federalize health care, so that the Government can dictate what kind of care the citizens receive. Modeled after the British system, this includes rationing care, and restricting what procedures the handicapped and elderly are eligible for.

— Obama is already pushing to expand the Department of Defense Budget and to station more US troops overseas to encircle Russia, China, Iran, as well as setting up bases in Africa under the pretext of humanitarian aid, and dominate and occupy Africa under Africom.

Webster Tarpley: ”Obama does basically a couple of things. One is again this idea of 'kick the Chinese out' of Africa, kick them out of Sudan where they get oil, kick them out of Zimbabwe where they get raw materials, start a civil war in Congo— another big source of raw materials.

Al-Queda, an arm of the U.S. intelligence community is now active in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. You've got a destabilization going on in Kenya, around Odinga— that's Obama's cousin, this is a guy who has two children, Obama's niece and nephew in a broad sense, and one of them is named Raul, and one of them is named Winnie after Winnie Mandela who did the "necklacing" and political assassinations in South Africa. So this ”Odinga” is essentially a CIA destabilizing operation in Kenya, and he's got a Odinga Islamic alliance to crush the Christians in Kenya, but it also reaches into Ethiopia, it reaches into Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, and a whole bunch of other countries in that region. So all of Africa is battlefield in flames between the US and Chinese, with Obama leading the charge to kick the Chinese out— for geopolitical reasons.

— Radically expand federal control over family farms and ranches with the animal ID and premises ID system.

— Accelerate the merger of the United States with Canada and Mexico, under the Security and Prosperity Partnership. He is also accelerating the transfer of remaining federal authority to unelected quasi-governmental bodies like the World Trade Organization.

This is critical to the globalist master plan, because in four to eight years, Obama must take the blame, as Bush did, for the New World Order's horrific agenda. At that point the elite will put a new puppet into the ceremonial seat of power, and build him up as the savior, only to tear them down again, and so the process is repeated, over and over.

— Bring the United States under the complete regulatory control of a private offshore superbank, known as the Bank of the World.

More than 100 new taxes are now being developed under the umbrella of curbing greenhouse gasses. The new taxes will be paid directly to the private bank consortium. At the producer level, taxes will be paid on farm animal's flatulence. At the consumer level, there will be carbon taxes on all forms of meat— beef, poultry, pork, and fish. All cars will be fitted with satellite tracking boxes that will be taxed by the mile, and an added tax will be placed on all fossil fuels, including motor oil and natural gas. All plastic products will have a carbon tax added. Outdoor space heaters and fireplaces are to be taxed. All electricity produced by coal powered plants will be taxed.

Under the cap and trade system, citizens will be forced to pay taxes on thousands of products to private gap and trade services owned by Al Gore and other elitists. There will be taxes on light bulbs, water, trash pickup, air travel, train travel, bus, medicine, steel production, mining, clothing, laundry, asphalt, are just a few of the new taxes to be levied.

Webster Tarpley: ”The notion of anthropogenic global warming is a fraud. In other words, 'the planet is getting warmer and that human activity is somehow responsible' is a pseudoscientific fraud, it is a big lie. It's a monstrosity. Remember the Nazis, they had 'race science,' 'race hygiene.' They said Aryan blood is different than any other kind of blood. This is idiocy, a fantastic piece of nonsense. Today we got something similar. 'Global warming caused by human activity'— and the answer to that is 'carbon tax,' 'cap and trade,' according to the wishes of Al Gore, Prince Charles, and basically the entire world banking community, the world Oligarchy. What they are trying to do with that is to perpetuate the current system where bankers rule the world, financiers rule the world, and the rest of us get the crumbs from the table.

But remember, if you try to put on cap-and-trade, and a global warming carbon tax with an idea that you are going to save the polar bears— what you are going to do is destroy human society. You are going to cause genocide on a massive scale, the deaths will be measured in the hundreds of millions and indeed the billions. Just the idea of global warming means that there will be no development for Africa, no development for the poorer parts of Southeast Asia, and no world economic recovery— ever, at any time in our lifetimes. So it is important to expose and fight the pseudoscientific fraud of global warming.

One more point about this— you don't need a climatologist to know that this stuff is a fraud. I'm a historian, I can tell you— in the last thousand years we had a period of very warm temperatures called 'the medieval warm period' where all kinds of grapes and semi-tropical stuff was growing very far into the northern hemisphere. That was about 1100 - 1200 AD.. It happened to correspond with an all-time maximum of sunspots. Right now we can say that we are going into another maximum period where there will be some warming, but we are well within the limits of the medieval warm period. About 1600-1650, there was an ice age in northern Europe— In northern Europe the North Sea was filled with ice— the German and Dutch ports, the English Ports were filled with ice, that corresponds to an all-time minimum of sunspot activity— the Sperber Minimum and the Maunder Minimums. So this has largely go to do with solar activity. We can see that other planets, not just the Earth are warming slightly as a result of increased solar activity. But we are well within the minimum, so what the Oligarchs claim to be an open and shut scientific case is a piece of pseudoscientific nonsense, and it should be rejected.

For their program to work, it is essential that the people not learn that the Presidency is now nothing more than theater, because if they did, the people would stop looking at the pawns, and start looking for the King.

Through this system of deceit, the elite's criminal agenda can continue forever, because the people waste all of the political energy debating the media spectacle, instead of investigating the globalist agenda.

— It is Obama's job to sell the public on globalist policies that aren't in the people's best interest. But the overlords have many salesmen. His most important function is to protect the criminal oligarchs from prosecution while they loot the economy worldwide, start new wars, and engage in torture.

In summation, Barack Obama is a Madison Avenue created fad. All of the crazed Obama worship being pushed by the corporate media is scientifically designed to capture the public in a net of peer pressure mass euphoria. If the new world order can just distract the public for a few more years, the elite can finish constructing their police state control grid.

Professor Griff, founding member Public Enemy: ”A lot of times, we don't want to know the issue. We feel- what do you call this thing where you get this false sense of gratification?— Because a black man is in office, everything is going to be alright. No, everything is not going to be alright, until you look into the agenda of what the Democratic party has been about, is about, and will be about regardless if Barack Obama is the President or not, and that's real.”

Barack Obama is the perfect Trojan horse. He makes the people feel like they finally have a place at the table, even as he betrays them. Sadly, many Obama supporters can't see what it right in front of their faces, because they've already invested their very identify into this artificially created cult movement.

Throughout history, it has happened over and over again. People turn their intellect over to cult of personality movements, and it's happening again.

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